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Powers and duties of officers and employees
(Section 4(1) (b) (ii))

Powers and duties of officers and staff

S. NO. Designation Powers Duties attached
Administrative Financial Statutory Others
1. Principal In-charges of the institution Head of Office To undertake all work related to institution According to assignment To admit students for pursuing medical courses

To ensure students receive mandatory education

To clear admittance of the students of qualifying examination conducted by examining body.

To arrange internal evaluation.

To maintain academic environment in the college

To maintain Professional conduct work in hospital

2. Professor - Teaching, Patient Care, Research and administration Duties as assigned
3. Assistant Professors - Teaching, Patient Care, Research and administration Duties as assigned
4. Medical Officer (Teaching)/ Lecturer. Teaching, Patient Care, Research and administration Duties as assigned
5. Administrative Officer As assigned As assigned To look after the Establishment
 6. A.A.O. As assigned To assist Accounts Officer in all the financial and accounts matters of the department.
7. Head Clerk To assist Administrative officer, Office Superintendent in establishment matters.
8. Stenographer To assist officers in secretarial work
9. UDC’s To undertake estb. Accounts, Planning and other ancillary work as per assignment.
10. LDC’s To put up all the matters immediately and maintain record of all the files. related to estb. Accounts, Planning and other ancillary work as per assignment. 
11. Gynaecologist In-charge To sign the reports To undertake MTP’s ,family planning programmes
12. Pathologist In-charge To sign the reports In- charge of Pathology department.
13. Dental Surgeon In-charge To sign reports Dental Care
14. Bio – Chemist - To analyse samples To assist Pathologist in the Pathology laboratory in laboratory testing and analysis.
15. House Physicians OPD and IPD
16. Senior Residents/Registrar (Homoeopathy)  In-charge of IPD 
17. Assistant Nursing Sister. To supervise the nursing staff and nursing care 
18. Nursing Sister To provide nursing care
19. Staff Nurse To provide nursing care
20. Computer /Data Entry Operator To maintain data of the Institution & Accounts
 21. Store Keeper Maintenance of Medicines, General Items and Stationery items
 22. Electrician Regulating power supply Electrical works of the Institution.
 23. Plumber Regulating water supply Plumbing work related to the institution
24. Carpenter To ensure maintenance of wood work Carpenting work related to the institution
25. P. E. T. To organize sport activities of the college To put up file for the purchase of sports equipment
 26. Librarian Procurement of Books. Issue and Receipt of Books Maintenance of the library of the college
 27. Pharmacist To dispense medicine, prepare indents etc
 28. Laboratory Technician/ Laboratory Assistant To assist doctors in laboratories and Professors and Assistant Professors in the teaching laboratories To put up the files for the purchase of equipments etc.
 29. O. T. Technician To assist in the OT dept. To put up/prepare files for the purchase of equipments.
30. Technical Assistant To assist in the Labour rooms To put and prepare files for the purchase and requirement of the IPD
31. ECG Technician Operation of ECG machines


To put and prepare files, put up data etc.

 32. Daftry Dak, dairy, dispatch
33. Library Attendant To assist the librarian in books arrangements, dusting etc.
34. Ward Boy To assist doctors and nursing staff in the IPD and OPD
35. Laboratory Attendant Supportive work in laboratory
 36. Cook Massalchi Bearer Attendant Kitchen work and prepare food for the Indoor patients
37. Mali Gardening, Horticulture
38. Laboratory Tech Work related to laboratories
 39. O.T. Assistant Laboratory Assistant To assist in Labour rooms and IPD
 40. E.C.G. Tech. Operation of ECG machines
41. Drivers To maintain vehicle as well as log book of the vehicles.
42. Peons/Class-IV To undertake work according to the assignments given by the Head of Office
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